Tim Redmond

Tim Redmond

Joyous winner of multiple film festival rejections—writer, director, cake baker—Tim stumbled into Impro in February 2003 under the glorious tutelage of Impro Melbourne.

Since then, he has been gifted the chance of performance in a 'wee bit' of TheatreSports™, a healthy dollop of Micetro, an addictive injection of Gorilla Theatre and a sweet bowl of Impro Soup at Impro Melbourne's Impro Cave 2004. His heroes include BigWig, Dr. Suess and most blokes with a moustache.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys seeking out obscure film festivals and the poetry of Evel Knievel.

His dream is to perform a backwards Shakespearean Kiss or Kill Scene or to push Alby Mangles over. Whichever comes first.

Tim plays the part of the bachelor in ImproDating at the Melbourne Fringe 2004.